Monday, December 7, 2009


This Thanksgiving, my family and I forgoed the family trek to the east coast and instead ventured south-way south to Nicaragua, C.A.-Spurred by the idea of my great friend Sherry Stein (of famed bag design wonder-check her out
whose lovely sister Char and husband Fred are co-owners with Don and Georganne, of a sweet little hotel in San Juan del Sur, on the southwest coast ( So we all set out for warmth and supremely interesting terrain, culture and wonder. We spent a few days in Granada--the oldest city in Central America--Loved this little place with its really interesting colonial buildings-small chaotic streets and bustling town square- SO many visuals that I banked and tried to capture with my not so great camera--but lots of inspiration for future plates-
I like to use my plate design as a camera--it allows me to remember what I see wherever I go-not just an image--but a form, a color or a feeling evoked by a scenario, sound or vision.
Here are a few examples of what really captured my eye-look for some of these images on my plates!