Monday, October 29, 2012

bridal registry!

You know the scenario..there is a want to get a gift and you know the happy couple may be registered somewhere predictable--but ugh..boring! you want to get something different, special, long lasting and creative. but you don't want to risk buying something unique that you like, but the couple may not...
but when your couple has registered for one of a kind custom plates that they have carefully selected and dreamed is a registry you can get excited about--
After many requests, I am now offering a wedding registry service and just completed and delivered a well curated set of plates and serving pieces to a lovely couple.
Here's a peak at what they chose and received---

So--- spread the word and e-mail me if you are interested in setting up a registry or want more information.....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

the art of science....

I love all of the old vintage science charts with their saturated colors and intricate examinations of plants and animals. Chronicle books recently put out a wonderful book full of old charts that are really so beautiful. There are many replicas available these days in design shops--but if you look hard, maybe at a more out of the way flea market, you may find some original ones.
I am particularly fond of the muted black and bottle green charts where the subjects really pop.
I am on a scientific chart rant with the plates right now--having fun applying the color and the sensibility of these wonderful vintage props...

I'll be doing lots more of these-on plates, platters and bowls.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sneak Peek revisited for Design*Sponge

Design*Sponge- really one of the very original design blogs- wonderfully curated by Grace Bonney and now a cadre of other talented folks- definitely played a large role early on for my ceramics. Grace generously covered my work in the early days and really helped to spread the word- and for that I am always grateful! 
The site has really become an institution now and a go to for what's happening on many fronts in the art meets high craft meets design world.
Anne Ditmeyer of the blog Pret-a-voyager and a contributor to Design*Sponge, had contacted me a few months ago to do a sneak peak of not so much the studio, but of my house and the cottage showroom. So of course, I dispatched to Anne a bunch of photos of the house that I take from time to time- but I quickly realized how difficult it is to photograph home interiors..really it is. So I enlisted the great help of Marshall Gordon- a great bay area photographer who came and rescued me from bad photos--
You can check out the post at Design*Sponge here.

And here are a few more pics that didn't make it into the post that I like:

the living room still life

the playroom/tv room/my daughter's art studio

another living room still life

kitchen plates

mission reader in the bedroom

"other" bookshelf in the dining room

my vintage orange cart rescued from an old Levi Straus plant--in the bedroom..