Sunday, June 17, 2012

beach place settings..

sneak peak at new place settings slated for the east coast to land safely on the beach and be used and enjoyed and to always evoke summer.
the black beach stones, the gray fog, the bleached sand and the ocean woodlands...

blending hues..sea and sand...coming soon: more to show from this ethereal set..

Monday, June 11, 2012

some new place settings.

fresh out of the kiln- new place setting combinations:
square, round- plates and bowls.

Friday, June 1, 2012

black and blue..

I love the stark contrast of black and blue- both such rich and luxurious colors that really mesh well in striking and often dramatic ways.
I do love using colors- merging hues that don't typically get placed together, but I so enjoy when I get a commission to do more all whites or mostly blacks. It allows me to experiment with a singular notion of color. 
The very matte black that I use in the tableware works remarkably well with a turquoisey blue- it really brings out the added textures.

This blue pops up in the most unexpected places- graffiti sighted out at ocean beach....

I am experimenting with these oversized chunky pedestal pieces that can be used to hold fruit or objects and really just makes a statement all on its own- the heft of the black sitting on this tufted elephant like leg just bring out the glory of the shock of blue..

There's an amazing shoppe here in San Francisco,, and I defer to the old fashioned referenced spelling- because it harkens back to a time when stores were finely curated, detailed and focused on craft and foods and the relationship between the two. March, is worth a visit to see their eclectic collection of tableware, specialty spices, carved wood bracelets, hand dyed japanese clothing--a real delight.
They also are carrying some of my work with an emphasis on the all white and the black-

I was thrilled to see that one of the black and blue platters sat beside some glorious Beatrice Wood pieces with her signature turquoised patina- an honor to be sure.

So now I can dream of Beatrice in her Ojai studio and feel inspired to feel the color and delve into the subtlety of these combinations.