Sunday, August 31, 2014

august and everything else..

wow. august 31st. it has been a busy summer. kids moving in and out of their own life experiences that will carry over into their older selves as sweet important memories.
me, continuing to bond with my dog and getting some sweet time myself to be in some of my favorite places.

and putting energy into my work with some interesting photo shoots- some just for me, some for publication in magazines and newspapers.

San Francisco Chronicle 8.31.14

San Francisco Chronicle 8.31.14

but having fun exploring contexts and textures and color, putting unexpected concepts together and fantasizing about spending more time in new mexico and creating the summer studio there (maybe maybe next year???)

ocean beach fantasy come true thanks to joseph smooke

the deck is the first step towards the studio on the land

some collected treasures from abiquiu, new mexico
and back to new york city to do the big trade show at booth, salvaged table..color of fog

much to get done shops, more for old shops, fun projects for individuals wanting a highly personal set of still life plates for homes to inspire..
I don't get to post here as often as I would in the meantime follow me on instagram @lisaneimethceramics for regular snippets and images and as always, get in touch if you want to come by the studio here in San francisco.
more soon..or as SF Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow likes to say.."in a bit!"

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I love to drink wine. It is my complete beverage of choice and brings me much pleasure. It is a social experience and it is a solitary meditative experience. It enhances food, mood and if not too indulgent, just really relaxes you at the end of the day.

I am so fortunate to live so near to many amazing wine regions here in California. I do not get to visit them nearly as much as I would like to, but do get to visit vicariously through my work.

I love bringing my work together with food and wine and the utilitarian relationship they all share-
as well as creating mementos for folks to take home with them that will always remind them of the pleasure and retreat they experience when visiting these amazing places. 

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of creating what I call "high end curios" for the Silver Oak tasting room in Oakville, in the Napa Valley. These are one of a kind pieces using found and vintage objects with hand etched details--all with a wine region theme. These were just delivered:

This year I was asked to create platters riffing off the blue/white rustic chinoiserie line- for the retail shop at Auction Napa Valley 2014. It was great fun creating nearly 80 one of a kind pieces for this event that raised over 18 million dollars for community health care services.

And I recently shipped off pieces to the new LaFond Winery tasting room in Santa Barbara. They just opened a beautiful "in-town" tasting room showcasing their incredible wines as well as curated artisan pieces.

It is the enduring value of a curio when traveling. I always make sure to collect something when I am away, either a purchased object or something I find lying on the ground. This collection of things remains a big inspiration to me when conjuring up designs. It is the coming together of differing shapes, notions and elements of a culture- natural and ethnographic. Much of ancient pottery, besides its functional use as water and food vessels, evolved to incorporate more design and aesthetic elements as people began to collect it.It was traded and sold and re-sold. And often became incredibly valuable over time. But more importantly keeps memories alive and helps put perspective on where we have been.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

dedicated to how the world entertains at home..

Countlan, a relatively new digital magazine, beautifully executed with a tag line that reads: "dedicated to how the world entertains at home".  Filled with luscious images of food, home supplies and wonderful commentary on the way we live today--oh and great recipes as well..

One of the features in their current issue no 7, is an essay on the value of an "interesting" plate, not just one that entirely reflects the food on it, but one that invites conversation and atmosphere as well. I loved the slant of this article as it is something I have promoted for years with my work. And it is what many restaurants are now jumping on.. the importance of the plate as well as the food when considering the intentional culture of a restaurant.
The feedback from customers I receive from some of the restaurant projects I have been involved with, does not ignore the food, but celebrates the presentation and when the food is cleared, a secondary appreciation and experience to enjoy the effort gone into creating a utilitarian piece of art.
A chef I have been working with recently commented on actually how similar the process of creating a beautiful meal and a special plate is-- creating from raw materials, a finished product that touches on many senses.
I am honored to be called out on my plateware in this article as well as thrilled that the culinary world is heading full on in this direction.
Read the full piece on "dishes that command curiosity" in Countlan here.

Monday, April 21, 2014

limited edition pieces online at anthropologie: coastal plate box set..

available online only at anthropologie:
Coastline plates 4 handmade plates depicting beach scenes, all encased in a handmade wooden box topped by a found beach object.

conjuring summertime..keep forever.

this is a very limited edition available on anthropologie's website.
all inspired by my daily beach ramblings...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

street markings..

I am always taking notice of the subtleties around me as I walk or run around the city and the coast. There are so many amazing patterns casually juxtaposed on walls, sidewalks and trees. Some are naturally occurring while others quite deliberate and utilitarian perhaps unknowing of their aesthetic qualities. I love seeing these geometric and circular shapes and forms and try and snap them when I can and use later to inform plate designs.

such beauty and color and texture:

and shapes find their way to clay..