Monday, May 31, 2010

The man, the stick and the bags..

I go for runs out at the beach several times a week and often see sites that are fascinating--the red tailed hawk that often lands right in front of me as if to start a conversation, the blackbird that I help to get a drink from the water fountains and many interesting people going about their lives out at an urban beach outpost.
I imagine that life in the "old world" is one of small pleasures along with small struggles--some of which come with you to the "new world". Many people earn their living collecting cans and bottles--a rough way to be sure, although it is democratic and accessible. But you need endurance and some swift tricks most likely brought over from a place of origin far away. This man--probably well into his 80's, is a regular fixture shuffling out along the Great Highway--long spindly stick straddling his hunched shoulders with sometimes 4 jumbo garbage bags hanging off each side---filled to the max with cans and plastic bottles collected from the remains of the weekend coastal revelers.

A long holiday weekend like this one must yield quite the bounty.
I nod to him as I run by--but think about this image often--his strength and  determination is inspiring and
also a reminder of the world we live in now--the gritty-ness and the quest to survive in all of us.

Here's to him.

Friday, May 14, 2010


It's always fun for me to do commissioned work--usually involving full place settings for someone's treasured dining possibilities. And so to speak, everyone brings something new to the table for this task. Some want very specific designs that they have admired on my website and others say--whatever you want to do. Recently I have been getting some requests for minimal. Perhaps it is the state of the world and life being so complicated--people want to breathe a little, feel airy, light and unfettered. SO I had fun creating a whole line of work that was minimal in design and color- Sometimes I find that it is harder for me to leave a plate with just one little icon on it but rather will take to covering the whole thing in a frenzy. This may be speaking to my hoarding and collecting sensibilities--it is NEVER enough I say!  so it was with a very zen mind and spirit that I took to the clay in a spare way..and I really enjoyed it too.
Inspired by this and also the raw graphic nature of vintage dutch ceramics--I am introducing this simpleline...and am calling it it?

reduce the clutter
soothe the soul 
bold and
striking and
lazy susans

These are available now direct from me--drop me a e-mail if you are interested: 

and then there's Kiki's beak too..