Friday, October 18, 2013

meditating in clay...

In a recent feature in Vogue magazine, the artist Marina Abramovic talked about how she finds peace in small, deliberate, repetitive activities. She referred to an exercise that she shared with Lady Gaga as a way of de-stressing and centering--she gave her a huge pile of dry lentils and brown rice and had her separate them out and count each piece. Apparently, this was extremely successful for Gaga and she now practices this ritual regularly. It had me thinking about my own ritualed life that revolves around my ceramic work. Working in clay is very deliberate, and requires patience and attention to small repetitive details--wedging, cutting, etching, sanding, glazing. But it is not boring, far from is very satisfying and takes you from a beginning to an end. Hours and hours can go by in the studio and I am still energized by it. This is a very good thing and something I feel very grateful to have as a part of my life at this time. It is centering to have these kind of active but contained tasks..
And I  have been especially busy with this coming back from Los Angeles and the Dwell show and New York and the NYNOW show-which always yield some amazing new shops, people and territories.
As well as re-connecting with existing folks who come to deepen what they already carry of my work.
Really thrilled about some of these new shops where new work has just arrived- here's a sampling of what's there now..

Freehand- a wonderful gallery/shop that features exciting contemporary craft in Los Angeles..

the New York Botanical Garden Shop-and if you have not visited this treasure in the Bronx--it is well worth a visit..

and also in New York City- a lovely shop in Tribeca-- Cristina Dos Santos who ordered a lovely array of finishes and designs..

more to come in the next post: the explosion of the blue and white line in new shops--
so those of you who have wanted to order ready made pieces from the line as seen in House beautiful in September--
stay sources coming soon!