Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Borders offer boundaries. They keep you inside a place, a state of mind. Some people like them, others do not. In plate design, the concept has been around in a very traditional way for a long time.
They confine the food perhaps and keep the plate defined on a table.

I like the idea as part of a mix. Not exclusively, and not all the time, like so many things we do in life.
I have been experimenting with borders of late. And there certainly seem to be people who love them and others who prefer the clean infinite edge-
perhaps there is a personality study here.

In the meantime, I prefer to think of these lines, dots, blocks and abstract markings-as a new way to inform the design on the plate and capture a piece of the space that you may not have been attending to before. Encourage you to look at the plate as it stacks, nests-in a new and unlimited way.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Winter's Storm.

Dramatic rain and hail and wind today--we return to winter here in Northern California.

Naked trees.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extreme Winter in New York..

New York was very snowy and icy and crowded with cars buried in snow and people reveling in the freedom of not having to move their cars, or go to school or feed the meters, or remove garbage...

So, a bit of a slowdown for folks here. And for the transplanted Californian--kind of fun, really. I battered around in my mom's car all over the city and enjoyed being an unapologetic NYC driver once again (my kids get very mad at my cursing ways driving about civil San Francisco--but as I explained to my daughter-people are aggressive in NYC and too polite behind the wheel in SF).

The NYIGF was great--reconnected with some of my clients and met lots of new ones--
I will be a busy bee for the next several months--all good, thank you very much. I feel so lucky to spend my work life doing something that is so fun, creative and exciting. It is hard work, lots of physical labor too-but feeds the soul on so many levels.

Back in San Francisco now to an eery 80 degree day.

And happily back to the studio, which is expanding to our cottage. The chicken coop is in need of a little back up, so some of the operations will move to the cool cottage we have rented out for years in our backyard here, in the compound. We reclaimed it to expand the local operations here.  It is being transformed as we speak, and will become a showroom, glazing studio and all around fun house! Do come by if you are ever in san Francisco. My studio and environs are always open to visitors by appointment. I am just a few blocks up from Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Gardens-DeYoung-Academy of Science----so come on by!

Lots of new ideas and images brought back with me from NY--so stay tuned for new pieces-