Monday, March 21, 2011

The Ladies...

Lately, I find myself increasingly drawn to fashion photography. Vogue in particular has had some really interesting spreads of late usually relegated to the European editions where I assume they think Europeans have a broader aesthetic- (true?) they tend to stay with safe images for the American market-which is unfortunate. But it seems like there is a bit more creativity going on- and I love the way a "big lady" gets splashed on a page in some really visually provocative setting like the desert or an abandoned warehouse-love the starkness.
I am enjoying transferring some of these images to the clay --already set up for the stark earthy background by the very nature of its own elements...the clay takes on these images of the ladies and floats them into an ethereal place--

a place to ponder and dream perhaps...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ooooooooh new matte gray

Gray is absolutely one of my favorite colors. Maybe because I do not see things in black and white and do need a bit of wiggle room for interpretation, expansion or just change every now and again.
So I am delighted to have a really good gray to add to my paintbox of colors for tableware.
It is deep, creamy and very matte and oh so dark gray-like an elephant.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stopping Traffic...

Always having a camera on you in the form of an i-phone is a wonderful thing. It enables me to capture the random whimsy that colors the days. I am always seeing new things out at the beach on my runs, and they tend to revolve around birds in new and different positions. I love the patterns these birds take on all the traffic lights and when the light changes color- a whole new image is created.

one of many...