Thursday, May 1, 2014

dedicated to how the world entertains at home..

Countlan, a relatively new digital magazine, beautifully executed with a tag line that reads: "dedicated to how the world entertains at home".  Filled with luscious images of food, home supplies and wonderful commentary on the way we live today--oh and great recipes as well..

One of the features in their current issue no 7, is an essay on the value of an "interesting" plate, not just one that entirely reflects the food on it, but one that invites conversation and atmosphere as well. I loved the slant of this article as it is something I have promoted for years with my work. And it is what many restaurants are now jumping on.. the importance of the plate as well as the food when considering the intentional culture of a restaurant.
The feedback from customers I receive from some of the restaurant projects I have been involved with, does not ignore the food, but celebrates the presentation and when the food is cleared, a secondary appreciation and experience to enjoy the effort gone into creating a utilitarian piece of art.
A chef I have been working with recently commented on actually how similar the process of creating a beautiful meal and a special plate is-- creating from raw materials, a finished product that touches on many senses.
I am honored to be called out on my plateware in this article as well as thrilled that the culinary world is heading full on in this direction.
Read the full piece on "dishes that command curiosity" in Countlan here.