Sunday, March 25, 2012

lost in space..

I have been completely consumed, subsumed, exhumed? and all that on this project- soon to be shipped from the much, in fact, that I have barely left my studio--but the final push is on..and I am venturing out a little bit each day--but not too much yet...
but you know what- I love it. As someone asked me yesterday-- "do you still enjoy it?" And I answered with a resounding YES. I love it and love every part of it. Being a one woman production team has taken its toll..on my family perhaps..but not on my passion for creating and making these pieces made one by one.

So what I did get to see this week--

the bird that is desperate to fly into my house and bumps up against the window trying to land on the cactus just on the other side of the window--

and the beach--

hawk holding mole at the beach-- waiting to get in its blue vanagon..

and a quick trip downtown to be wowed by the lemon yellow pleat and texture of a prada dress-
combined with the aqua cutout purse--love it --
the colors..the juxtapostion of crinkled-smoothed-punched...

perfect to translate to my clay canvas.