Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Setting Tables...

One of my early inspirations for making tableware was a visit to a restaurant that used all handmade plates and bowls. It added so much to the whole experience of eating as if the natural elements of the clay were enhancing the very flavors of the food--(for those of you into clay pot cooking- you know exactly what I mean-Paula Wolferts of the world..) I was so taken with the concept that I took this idea home with me and started to make plates just for my own family's use--incorporating much of the structure and design elements of the sculptural work I had been involved with. I quickly found that others shared this passion for eating good food on good plates and well, here I am toiling away in the studio making tableware, and still being inspired by it everyday.
So I was thrilled when I received an inquiry for making the tableware for a new restaurant, Station One, opening here in Northern California--in Woodside- a beautiful town south of San Francisco. The owners Kristi and Zu, shared my passion for the food/plate idea and had the vision to present their innovative seasonal cuisine on handmade plates--furthering their notion of local and artisanal.

So I have been a busy busy bee--rolling and making almost 500 plates hopefully to be ready for their mid August opening. It has been an extremely exciting and inspired project for me--each plate is different and I have had fun thinking of new designs every day that will match the ambiance and tastes that the plates will be mingling with. I think one of my faves, at least today, is an abstract depiction of women making tomato paste from scratch--scraping and swirling the tomatos into a marbelized wonder--

I will keep you posted on the progress as well as how it all looks at the restaurant, but here's a sneak peak--

So stay tuned..for more images and information about the restaurant opening...