Thursday, January 31, 2013

springtime at anthropologie..

spring is coming least online at Anthropologie...
several new pieces now available exclusively online.. 4 colors/designs on the always useful round appetizer plate- perfect for just about anything. I like to keep stacks of these in my kitchen and dole them out all day long...sandwich, piece of pie, small salad, muffin--lunch for my parakeet kiki..

another large oval platter as well as a washed white cake stand- all ready for stacking cakes, cookies or fruits..or onions and artichokes!  like I like to do...

so spread the word! great for those of you who like instant gratification instead of waiting and ordering..all handmade by me, piece by piece, so variations in exact design will occur--that's the beauty of it all..
check them out here:

Monday, January 7, 2013

the platemaker makes a delivery....

I love when I have to make a plate delivery to the lovely Station 1 restaurant in Woodside--like the other local purveyors dropping off freshly harvested produce and meats that go into the carefully crafted foods, I bring plates fresh out of the kiln that get put to use immediately. It conjures images of life in another time, when everything truly was produced locally and crafts people were working hard along with every other type of maker in a village. Very small world-like. 
The delivery this week consisted of new large oval dinner plates, oblong bread plates and shallow pasta bowls. The saturated bone white color with etched minimal design showcase the intricate sculpted food really nicely.

One of the other things that I love about being the "platemaker" for Station 1 are the many wonderful people I meet who eat there and want to have handmade dishes for their home kitchens. They visit my studio always with great excitement and high praise for their dining experience at Station 1.

The small rustic and elegant dining room housed in an old firehouse in the verdant and bucolic town of Woodside was a welcome addition to this area of sophisticated taste. And people delight in eating there. And this is reflected in their desire to replicate some part of it at home.
So if you are in or visiting the Bay Area- do pay a visit to Station 1, and then do get in touch and come by the studio as well.