Monday, November 11, 2013

recent press sightings!

it's always interesting to me to have to answer questions about my work and my process and inspirations... it forces me to verbalize what is inside and  explain in an authentic way, what motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. and I like having the "back story" available to people who may want to know more about the ceramic work that I do.

especially when it is a publication that I admire and the questions are provocative in a good way.
I loved the Anthology piece from last year, and was excited to have Ca Home and Design and Handful of Salt recently publish some cool images of the studio and thoughtful interviewing around process..

photography by joseph schell for ca home and design
so if you are curious to know more about how and why I do what I do with clay- check out these lovely publications..

and Handful of Salt has just launched a curated marketplace of artisan pieces: All Things Artisanal is well worth a look through-beautiful images and information about artists of all kinds and links to where you can buy..
see for yourself..

rustic chinoiserie ..ready made

after the piece in House Beautiful that featured the new blue/white rustic chinoiserie line, many folks got in touch wanting to know where they could buy a piece, or a set. Because I mostly make to order and, at this time, do not have a shopping cart feature online where you can click and buy, I can take orders directly and make exactly what people want, or there are shops across the country that carry my work (listed under Buy, on my website).

But I wanted to make you aware of a couple of shops who now have some of the rustic chinoiserie in store now, available for immediate sale- a more appealing option for those in a hurry :-)

The always lovely and taste making shop Upstairs at Pierre Lafond  in Montecito, California has a good array of pieces.
In addition, beautiful Valerianne in Scottsdale also has a collection.

An again, you can always contact me to order anything in tis collection as well as any other design and sizes.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dish(es) now out in paperback..

Shax Riegler- dynamic and multi-talented executive editor at House Beautiful and PHD candidate from Bard College's School of Decorative Studies, published a beautiful book a couple of years ago that chronicles the concept of dishes and collections and the  amazing history of plateware over time and the place that it holds in people's lives and their own concept of "home".
I was thrilled when I was included as one of the contemporary artisan plate makers who are fanning the flames of crafted tableware.

So when Shax told me that the publishers were issuing a new version of the book- a less expensive paperback- I was excited to see it. I just received a copy and it is fabulous! Bright fuchsia, chunky and almost pocket sized. It is a different experience than the more formal coffee table version- but a fun have for the plate obsessed and also a great reference book for the history of designed tableware.
Love "my page" and how it is just large and saturated on the dual facing pages.

so check it out- available in all the book spots- online and in shops.