Friday, September 4, 2009

A Studio Blog....

A blog.
A forum for sharing with whoever is interested, some of the random curiosities that float around my head and provide inspiration for my ceramic work, my children, travel and whatever else comes my way..wherever I am...
I will share any pertinent news--new work, cool images, weird things I have scavanged and misc. announcements, deals and sales too.
I am a bit wary of this whole thing as I believe we are encouraging a generation of over sharers, but not necessarily in a productive way. I will not over share-except where necessary!

But then, as I pour though the fascinating book chronicling the correspondence between Maria Chabot and Georgia O'Keeffe from 1941-1949 by Barbara Buhler Lynes and Ann Paden, I realize that this piece of unique history is really their blog. No, they did not write with the intention of the world reading these letters, but they did save every letter, knowing that what they were saying was important and worth preserving, in case it became signinficant later on. It was a chronicle of their daily inspirations. Since we are not a nation of letter writers anymore--the modern day blog is really a letter to all-

So stay tuned and visit often for some hopeful inspiration of clay and muses.