Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stylemaker Spotlight?

For those of you that still read the newspaper and I do...there are a few writers in the design world locally here in San Francisco that are still "walking the beat" and producing lively pieces on design, places to visit, ideas and just keeping a finger on the creative pulse in the city and beyond. One of those people is Anh-Minh Le who is a freelance writer for various publications. Her exciting new project which I am personally very psyched about is a new magazine-not an online expansion of a blog mind you ..but  a real paper glossy magazine called Anthology. She created this with Meg Mateo Ilasco another accomplished local writer who has written much on craft and business among other things. Anthology is available by subscription as well as available at Anthropology shops across the country.

Anh-Minh also produces a weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle where she "spotlights a stylemaker" here in the Bay Area--and I was fortunate enough to be the pick of the week!
Very fun..and an embarrassingly large photo of me to boot--(I kind of look like the clay vigilante!)
It was fun getting to talk about a few favorite things and put in some friendly nods to local businesses that I admire as well-
So check it out..and also check out Anthology. We must encourage the magazine renaissance (not the bad ones..just the quality ones please--as it should be in this Darwinian print eco minded world we inhabit now!)