Monday, July 25, 2011

big new white bowls...

Sometimes when I  am making these oversized bowls I feel like a pizza chef- tossing the clay like a saucer of dough, balancing the shape under my hands, carefully placing on the "pan"..and making very sure to handle with great care. Clay has a memory and when it is stretched in a certain way when wet, it recalls a fold or a crease and sometimes that will find it's way back to the finished piece, no matter how much smoothing with one's hand. I really love this actually because it reminds you that the clay is alive, it is from the earth--and wields a power over the maker and creates its own mark.
These bowls wrestled from the earth, will hold your beautiful summer salads and fruit just perfectly...just out of the kiln and packed up to go to New York for the NYIGF..heading out soon.
Handmade Booth 9413 if you are planning on going..
happy middle summer to all!