Sunday, September 23, 2012

(our) summer weekend..

Summer comes late here in San Francisco, as any of you can attest to if you have been here in July or August.  Instead of seeking shade and frosted mugs, we are cranking up the heat and layers and hunkering down. Which really messes with your mind if you grew up with summer being this very distinct magical time..sigh.  But the autumn brings some brief sensations of summer and we relish every minute of it. This weekend brought that and a crisscross of the bay led to some lovely beach light and other treasures here in San Francisco and in Bolinas...and work too.

hawks assuming their position

morning meeting

locals only bench in the chute at Ocean beach

bunnies in Bolinas Beach

nighttime illuminations

installed a new garden totem near the studio..

and shipped out more pieces to Sundance..

and handed off some new plates to their new owners...

Happy Fall.