Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the old red white and blue..

fourth of july..always laden with so much hope and plans for memories to come..
I have such a vivid sense of what the air felt like on july 4th growing up- heavy, humid warm evenings-waiting impatiently for the first blast of a firework..holding onto a burning "punk"-basically an incense stick and waiting for dark to come..
east coast style..
and now on the west coast in chilled san francisco..we hope for the semblance of a clear evening on the 4th so maybe we can see the distorted light through the wafting fog and pretend we saw a full fledged firework over the golden gate..
I am hopeful as it is a sunny day today and maybe, just maybe we can have our fourth in all its glory without having to turn the heat on, grab a sweater and watch it on our coldest of winters in the san francisco...

but we can still enjoy the colors of our flag- so bold and clean..