Saturday, January 2, 2010

Marfa, Texas...

Firstly, Happy New Year to all! I am looking forward to a fruitful, adventurous and optimistic year ahead.

I have been meaning to post about Marfa Texas ever since I visited there, back in the fall when I went to help my great pal Sherry Stein ( her photo shoot for her terrific line of very cool bags (do check them out). Besides having a blast with the crew-it was very inspiring to see this area and take in all of the Donald Judd-ness of this small town. It is also in the middle of nowhere close--except for the Mexican border, and two of the least visited National Parks--Big Bend and Guadalupe. A beautiful, stark area--easy to see how it inspired Mr Judd back when he came upon it. His Chinati foundation is a mesmorizing land cluster of his work as well as others whom he admires. It is an area well worth a visit-left me imprinted with some terrific images-some campy, some just naturally mysterious and ethereal--to keep in my mind's eye and captured for future plate documentaries.
Put this one on your list for places to visit in 2010.