Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day

Halloween is over..Thanksgiving has come and gone..Hanukah was fine in all its 8 nights of light...Christmas--well you know where that went-but we do have room for one more holiday--Valentine's Day!

You either love or hate this holiday--perhaps depending on your relationship status. But in the end, this is a holiday about love--not just romantic love but love for your friends, siblings, children, parents and anyone else who impacts our lives in a positive way-so not a bad thing to celebrate.
Last year, the Gardener--in Berkeley and the Ferry Building here in San Francisco--comissioned me to do a series of plates with a V-Day theme. Corny? Kitschy? Maybe..but it actually ended up to be a fun venture in my efforts to capture what love is on a plate. They went over pretty darn well so we are doing it again this year--

These plates are exclusively available at the Gardener--they have a few online You can always contact me you are interested in these and are not in the Bay Area. They also have made for some fun wedding gifts--or so I hear!
Here is a sampling of a few-

SO celebrate the people you love and tell them how you feel. Life is short and too often we lose loved ones without saying the good things we have been thinking all a long-