Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Craft Council Show in Baltimore!

So, on tuesday I am packing up and flying cross country to participate in the ACC craft show-
I packed and shipped over 10 boxes (!) of work to display.
I will be there for the 4 retail days only (wholesale preceeds this for 2 days) on thursday February 26-29. However, any wholesale folks are also welcome at the retail show as well.
Check the ACC website for more details--
I wil be in their new "AltCraft" section--their move to "hip up" the show a bit, I think...attract some new artists and display some different approaches to traditional mediums.
So please do come by if you are in the area- I will be sitting at this table for four days!! and will delight in some company! Fortunately 2 of my sisters will be helping me out-so I look forward to lots of fun and laughter.
Hope to meet anyone coming to the show! and hope the snow storms take a break too.....