Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beach Combing

You see everything on the beach. Yesterday I saw a giant pelican that must have just died. It was settled behind a large rock by the Great Highway, near the zoo at Ocean Beach. It was pure and still flush with its spirit. A friend ended up dragging it home in hopes of initiating a new career in taxadermy. A few weeks ago I was at Stinson Beach up in Marin on a cold blistery day helping a friend walk off some grief-and we came upon a small army over a period of 5 miles. Small soldiers embedded in the sand as if they had just fought a great war. We were heartened to come upon the lone yellow cowboy--a nod to our western locale perhaps.

Out here in San Francisco-we are lucky to have the bounty of nature right inside of our urban environment. With that you get the natural beauty and rhythms of the waves, sand..and also a reminder that we humans inhabit the area as well. Which actually makes for quite an interesting juxtaposition. And I love that unpredictable mix--it is quite inspiring.