Wednesday, March 17, 2010

best bird

Well it has been a long time coming for this little love...little light in my day..
yes I adore my children..and then there is little Kiki, my parakeet. Well she is not technically mine..she is actually my granddaughter--- as my daughter Tess got her as a birthday gift--but as any of you moms know--any creature that comes into your house is truly your responsibility. so she is mine. and I love her. I love her to pieces as my dad used to like to tell my kids.
The kids love her too and are very protective of her--she basically has free reign in our house and flies about at her whim. This is her favorite chair in our living room
and this is where we keep her cage--in the middle of the action in the kitchen-she loves that.

She is a complete treat and has pretty much converted anyone who comes over into her little lair-
she is a love- she talks, she likes to hang out on my shoulder, she likes to share my lunch...she LOVES to share my wine--she prefers white wine..and she likes to take a bath in the palm of my hands--now that is sweet. I am utterly surprised about how much I love her--she and I spend a lot of time together and she is a huge inspiration--her coloring, her movement.

Lately she is all about sitting on  heads--perhaps this is a nesting thing--my hair is usually a bit mussed and this may feel like home to her-- here she is on Tess's....
these images have oft appeared in my work--bird on head...bird on plate..bird on table..bird on everything--

I love getting to know a real bird. I mean they seem so fragile and unapproachable out in the wild-but when you connect with one--and I think they mate for life- it is a special thing.