Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Eating Bowls!

I love to eat out of bowls. I like the way my food co-mingles and picks up the poaching essences of all of the contents.. As I have said before, I create new sizes and pieces based on our own household needs.
 So it was time to enlarge the bowl! Enlarge the bowl I say!

So I have expanded the depth and size of my dessert bowls and created a roomy 9" cereal/soup bowl.
A client who also likes to eat out of bowls and likes to serve "healthy" portions requested a larger pasta bowl--- "Our family likes to eat a lot of pasta, really a lot" she told me. These 12" rimmed bowls are also great for entree salads and for those of you who prefer more petite portions--these bowls can also be used as small serving bowls.

But go ahead..load em' up and enjoy!