Sunday, December 11, 2011

Giving thanks and giving back 2011...

As I mentioned this time last year, I am a firm believer in giving back in whatever way you can. It does not mean that you must wait until you have amassed "wealth" to give, it means that you give back in whatever way you can. It may mean volunteering locally, or helping your neighbors, or anything that gives you a sense of your place in the world and the larger community you may reside in- physically or emotionally. It has been an interesting year of burgeoning movements and political awareness around the inequity that exists in our affluent american culture. For those of us spending our time working hard to create, to raise children, to maintain sanity (!), take a moment to consider what else we can do.
I choose to at years end give what I can, to targeted groups that have some meaning for me and my family. Now mind you, my donations will not enable a new wing to be built or massive change, but I believe even the smallest donation makes a difference. And again, it keeps you in shape for future giving and volunteering.

This year, I am donating to the following groups: 

Meritus College FundMeritus College Fund invests in socio-economically disadvantaged, yet high-potential, San Francisco public high school students by providing four-year scholarships and individualized support to help them realize their potential through a college degree.

National Public Radio: I go to school on NPR daily. It provides an important voice and perspective and it is free. It's important to support our local stations or radio will go the way of the post office. 

Grass Roots SoccerGrassroots Soccer uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV.

San Francisco Food Bank: Hit with historic high need this year- local food banks need our support more than ever.

Black Star Development: A real grass roots organization started by kids right out of college, Black Star Development aims to design, organize and implement specialized development projects in small communities in Ghana. Love supporting social entrepreneurship.