Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plates 911!

I got the call.  She was breathless and animated with a sense of worry and despair..."We need plates!" she shrieked. "We're serving a 10 course New Year's Eve meal and we need to warm all plates prior to serving and we're low on the dinner plates!".  I told her to calm was on the way..

As you may know, I have been creating all of the tableware for the fabulous Station 1 restaurant in Woodside. As they get busier and busier and have some plate casualties- as you can imagine in a restaurant setting when the kitchen starts to resemble a scene from a battlefield, the call is on for more plates.
And with a New Year's special celebration, and a very carefully curated meal, there is no fooling around.
Fortunately, I was well into making them some additional dinner plates and was able to quickly glaze and pop them into the kiln in time for a New Year's Eve early am pick up--just in time and hot out of the fire.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have a lovely correspondence with Alice Waters. She confided in her very gracious notes to me that she always fantasized about having a potter living behind the restaurant who could churn out the tableware that they would use nightly- handmade, finely crafted, locally sourced- to match the sensibility of the food and culture she was creating at Chez Panisse.
I will have to float this idea by Zu and Kristi- the lovely owners of Station 1--perhaps there is a spot for me behind the old fire house.....

Again..a joyous New Year to all and here's to answering the ceramicist's call of duty!