Monday, November 11, 2013

rustic chinoiserie ..ready made

after the piece in House Beautiful that featured the new blue/white rustic chinoiserie line, many folks got in touch wanting to know where they could buy a piece, or a set. Because I mostly make to order and, at this time, do not have a shopping cart feature online where you can click and buy, I can take orders directly and make exactly what people want, or there are shops across the country that carry my work (listed under Buy, on my website).

But I wanted to make you aware of a couple of shops who now have some of the rustic chinoiserie in store now, available for immediate sale- a more appealing option for those in a hurry :-)

The always lovely and taste making shop Upstairs at Pierre Lafond  in Montecito, California has a good array of pieces.
In addition, beautiful Valerianne in Scottsdale also has a collection.

An again, you can always contact me to order anything in tis collection as well as any other design and sizes.