Monday, November 11, 2013

recent press sightings!

it's always interesting to me to have to answer questions about my work and my process and inspirations... it forces me to verbalize what is inside and  explain in an authentic way, what motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. and I like having the "back story" available to people who may want to know more about the ceramic work that I do.

especially when it is a publication that I admire and the questions are provocative in a good way.
I loved the Anthology piece from last year, and was excited to have Ca Home and Design and Handful of Salt recently publish some cool images of the studio and thoughtful interviewing around process..

photography by joseph schell for ca home and design
so if you are curious to know more about how and why I do what I do with clay- check out these lovely publications..

and Handful of Salt has just launched a curated marketplace of artisan pieces: All Things Artisanal is well worth a look through-beautiful images and information about artists of all kinds and links to where you can buy..
see for yourself..