Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 24 hour Donut

There are lots of interesting places to eat in our neighborhood. I live in the Inner Sunset district in San Francisco-an oxymoron of course, because this is known as the foggy part of the city. But we have lots of amazing places to eat--all mostly Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Eritrean, Thai, Indian and the like. But we do have Donut World.
And I do love Donut World in all its open 24 hours glory. I have to confess that I have always loved donuts. Ever since my sisters wore the pink uniform at Duncan Donuts when they worked there in high school...on the East Coast. Well now you have your fancy donut shops of course, and I am a big fan of the cornmeal dusted rosemary jammed ones at Dynamo Donut on 24th st in the Mission. But there comes a time when a gal wants a classic 24 hour donut--and that's just what my sweet husband went down the street to forage for me tonight-and ahhh..bliss--had to add the french press coffee in my favorite ol' NY mug-(do any of you remember actually drinking out of the original paper greek coffee shop mugs back in New York City and enjoying it?) He and my daughter indulged in one of those giant chocolate covered custard wonders that you never know who really buys--like those apple fritters--right?

Love the bag-may have to put that sentiment on a plate soon....