Monday, April 26, 2010

Thirteenth Birthdays...

Wow, a small milestone in my sweet boy, Jackson, turned 13. I know, I know, an adolescent boy with all that brings--voice cracking, inappropriate defiance only to be matched by unexpected hugs and need for affection, locked doors and growing up.

Sometimes it is hard for me to comprehend that I have had the oh so full time job as mother for 13 years--well 14 counting that long year of gestation. Challenging, inspiring, maddening..going from losing it one day to being amazed at the unit we have all become. And then pure sweetness and joy too.
In honor of this day, besides going to North beach to the classic US restaurant for fresh yum Italian food, invading the candy shop and then lurking around Coit tower at 11:30 pm-(as a friend pointed out--a ridiculously appropriate monument for a 13 y.o. boy!)  I am initiating a new tradition for celebrating. Since I usually rack my brain to get the right gift for my kids, and then am often met with disappointed or completely disinterested reactions upon opening, I am reaching for something more permanent and meaningful. And lo and behold, it happens to be something I can cook up in my own backyard, and something that I spend time doing everyday.

So I made a birthday plate that reflects the things that are important to jackson at this time in his life-
soccer, drawing, lego, kiki... I am planning on making one for both of my kids every year on their birthday--and since I am so bad at taking family pictures and videos--they will at least have an ongoing snapshot of a  particular time in their life. And as we know, pottery sticks around for thousands of some remnants of this time in their lives will remain for a long long time to come, perhaps for future generations to ponder its significance.
In the meantime, it is all very significant to me...
Happy Birthday Jackson!