Thursday, April 29, 2010

the house of worship

If you are an artist, a maker of sorts-whatever it may be, but something that you spend a lot of time doing each day-you have your place..your space where you work away-often time for hours, and hours again, sometimes sneaking back in late at night to adjust an earlier idea. I have my studio which is my true retreat-my place for quiet meditation an escape, really from the real world-or the world that lurks beyond my studio walls. I am lucky lucky to have a beautiful space to retreat to, and I appreciate it every single day.

 I get to think, listen to music or lots of talk radio--(think I have a masters degree in NPR now- an MSNPR?) My days are full of clay, contemplating it, being calm with it and being rejuvenated often. It is my house of worship--a religion of craft?

I am surrounded by all my talismans that bring me comfort and peace and get incorporated into my work. I tithe--aiming to donate a percentage of my earnings from this work regularly to deserving non profits and organizations doing good work. That is what a church does-yes? This is my temple, I do pray here and I do get to see the wonders of nature around me-miraculous in this urban locale.
A religion of craft indeed.