Friday, January 21, 2011

Heading to the Show...and New colors!

It's time to go back to New York City. Back to the cold, snow, salt stain ruining shoe weather--
It is almost 70 and beautifully clear and sunny here in San Francisco today. And YOU ask-why did she leave the East Coast?
But going back and visiting is always fun and I get to see all of my family and old friends--and go back to the New York International Gift Fair! This will be my second show--so I am a bit more seasoned now and know what to expect-
I am looking forward to it--I am bringing lots of new pieces as well as introducing some new colors to the palette box-
muted yellow, matte pink, matte wine, oxidized turquoise and a cool moss green...lovely for spring!

If you are headed to show too- I will be in Handmade Booth 9413- drop by and take a peak!