Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring back to Winter...

I admit, it is hard to think about getting on that plane tomorrow--we are enjoying glorious 70 degree clear sunny days (image above was from today at Ocean beach)  and balmy star struck evenings here in San Francisco. I know, I know. I shouldn't be celebrating the dry warm winter here. We need water...always. And then there's global warming (which amazingly some 8o% of the population doesn't believe in???!!!) that no doubt is contributing to our rising seas..witness the demise of the Great Highway here at Ocean Beach.
But, in terms of instant gratification and soothing rhythmic beauty, you can't beat this weather.
But oh yes, tomorrow I get on a plane for New York, where the weather forecast is for a snowstorm and maybe temps in the 20's?? really?
But, all is well. I will go to the New York International Gift Fair--which I look forward to and catch up with family and friends and remind myself about winter and all its glory.
And then I will come home.